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Talent Management

From innovative talent strategies and best practices to integrated actions and solutions

Identifying, motivating and retaining talented employees are top priorities in business and can make or break a company. But how do you make sure you're motivating key talent? How do you know you've created the right conditions for people to achieve their full potential? How do you ensure that workforce initiatives support your organisation's business strategy?

For decades, our Talent Management consultants have partnered with leading companies all over the world to answer those questions. We start with a single premise: When you align people strategies with business objectives, you achieve superior results.

We have access to the best practices of thousands of organisations worldwide and can help you assess talent needs and design, implement and communicate innovative, integrated talent solutions. With a single, fully integrated talent strategy that works well across borders, you can maximize the potential of an engaged workforce—and achieve superior results.

Our breadth and depth of experience in developing and implementing talent management solutions—focus on engaging and reinforcing employees' contributions to organizational performance—is unmatched. Our initiatives can be applied to broad-based workforce needs, or targeted to key segments, such as executives or the sales force, and can help you:

  • Align talent initiatives to business goals
  • Reinforce a culture of high performance
  • Measure and raise the sales force effectiveness
  • Motivate, engage and retain talented people, strengthening your pipeline of energized employees
  • Plan and map a robust career progression and development framework
  • Achieve higher returns on your people investment

Our solutions are based on facts, not hunches. We leverage the vast amounts of data drawn from our work delivering HR services to nearly 20 million people—data supported by extensive research across the HR spectrum, including our benchmarking studies Top Companies for Leaders, European HR Barometer, UK Talent Survey.

The bottom line: We help you drive superior business results by maximizing your investment in people.

To learn more about Aon Hewitt's Talent Management consulting services and how your company can benefit, please contact us.

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