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Total Retirement Solution
Helping Employers Take Control of Retirement

Aon Hewitt’s comprehensive suite of retirement solutions encompasses a full range of offerings, from strategy and design through financial management and, ultimately, to the delivery of retirement programs to employees. Our clients recognize the benefit of relying on Aon Hewitt for tightly integrated services that deliver increased efficiency and cost savings, and provide them and their employees more control of their retirement programs and a better return on their retirement investment.

While some companies require only one or two services, clients gain the most control by taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing their retirement services.

Aon Hewitt has a strong track record of success in delivering total retirement solutions to clients, from the design of programs, through the financial management and delivery of those programs. Aon Hewitt delivers global consulting and technology capabilities and expertise in all aspects of retirement planning, delivery, and management, across industries. That makes Aon Hewitt uniquely qualified to be the single-source provider of all your retirement program needs.

Relying on Aon Hewitt to deliver a comprehensive retirement solution has several advantages:

  • Planning is easier and more effective when all retirement services are integrated through a single provider.
  • Integrated service delivery reduces provider costs, shortens turnaround time, and improves quality.
  • A single-source provider limits the risk of inconsistent application of plan provisions and changes.
  • Integration enables streamlined data-mining capabilities and a single source for sponsor reporting.
  • Global service integration enables you to realize additional economic efficiencies and improve compliance as you manage your retirement programs worldwide.
  • Our full-service retirement capabilities enable you to achieve greater data management efficiency, quality, and management.
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